How we work

Financial assistance explained.

Great news! We are now financially in a position to help our Pawsome Pensions Dogs, the process will be as follows;

  •  The amount of time served by each individual dog will be taken into consideration with regard to the potential financial assistance available. A sliding scale will be applied to the decision making;

Dogs who have been licenced for Devon, Dorset or Cornwall Police or Fire Service for over 2 years will be considered for the maximum benefit available. 

Dogs who have been licenced for Devon, Dorset or Cornwall Police or Fire Service for under 2 years will be considered for up to 50% of the maximum benefit available if they retired due to a medical condition diagnosed and evidenced by a veterinarian.

  • No claim under £100 will be honoured, call this a voluntary excess.
  • Any claim over £100 will be considered, and we will consider payment of up to £250 if the dog has been licenced for 2+ years.

It is hoped that as the charity develops and raises more money, the maximum contribution towards bills will increase.

The decision as to whether a claim is paid will not lie with the Trustees. To assist with transparency the claim will be sent to an independent and impartial panel of volunteers who will be given the claims, and they will decide on the level of financial assistance to be given, depending on the funds available. A majority decision will rule.

If there are any issues or challenges with the decisions made, the claims will be sent to Pension4Paws – Thames Valley and Hampshire retired Police and Fire dog charity who will send the claim onto their decision making panel for a second opinion.

As we have 30 retired police dogs to look after we need to ensure there is money to help all of them, which is why there is a cap on how much we can help, dependant on how much money we have available.