Just a quick email to say how incredibly grateful I am to the Pawsome Pensions Team for their continuing support of Retired Police Dog Bodie.

Bodie was a fantastic working dog , responsible for bringing many offenders to justice. He also saved the lives of many individuals. It is only right and proper that he should now be taken care of in his retirement. At the grand old age of 12 ½ , Bodie is the oldest German Shepherd being looked after by Pawsome Pensions and as he gets older so his health needs increase. I have real peace of mind that should he require treatment you guys have it fully covered and I am not faced with an ethical dilemma of his well- being over my ability to fund treatment. Bodie has now been retired for 6 years, in that time he has been treated for a mouth cancer, ear infections and some minor lameness issues with his back end. I am unsure of the total cost of treatment funded by Pawsome pensions but I would guess it is over the £1500 mark. You provide a very straightforward process in which to claim for vet fees and once approved the money is back in my account in a matter of days.

Having assisted at some fundraising events, I know how incredibly hard the team work to provide the funds necessary for the many dogs you support.

So a big thank you from Bodie and I, and of course my family who adore him.


Sally has arthritis in both her front wrists and shoulders. She requires daily medication to control the pain. Thanks to Pawsome Pensions we can give her the veterinary treatment she needs to lead her retirement life to the fullest.

Amber is now 11 years of age having retired at 8. She is slowing down now, bless her, and a lady of leisure.

Amber had a tumour inside her eyelid which caused us a lot of worry. You just want them to live forever. Having had a large vet bill for another of our dogs a couple of weeks before we were just going to pay on the card and worry about everything later.

I had completely forgotten about Pawsome Pensions, but contacted them upon being reminded of their existence. I was very impressed at the quick response, minor amount of paperwork and the very fast decision in granting the payment for said operation. I cannot praise them enough. A very worthwhile cause making a huge difference.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards